March 7, 2011


Are you a bumper sticker kind of person? 

I am not, but I live in a city overflowing with bumper stickers and personalized license plates. I especially enjoy deciphering personalized license plates and am fascinated- FASCINATED- at how people describe themselves to the world in 6 or 7 letters and numbers.

You can learn alot about a place by bumper stickers. Wanna know about my city? Here's what people care about:

Also: lacrosse, dogs, UVA, and social activism.

It's revealing what people put on their cars, what they say is important, or how they choose to describe or affiliate themselves.

I don't have a personalized license plate, but I've considered what I'd choose if I joined the Charlottesville masses in announcing myself to the world. 

What's important to me? That I'm not perfect, just forgiven?
What do I want other people to know? That my boss is a Jewish carpenter?
How would I sum myself up in 6-7 letters and numbers? That in case of rapture, my car will be unmanned?

There is no amount of Christian cheesiness that can sum up what I want my life to be about or who I am because of Christ. But it's still worth thinking about.

Who are you? If you had to sum yourself up in just a few letters, what would it be? I don't mean roles--mom, wife, teacher, writer--or activities you're involved in. I mean you, the stuff of your heart.

I'll give you a hint about who you are if you're in Christ: perfect, holy, a saint. You are included in the procession of the Victor and are a sweet smelling fragrance to Him. He is for you. He has lovingly exchanged your sin with His righteousness. There is nothing more biblical and true.

Assuming you're like me, the trouble is that you go around all day, every day telling yourself you're a wretch. I should be ashamed. I should hide. I am unworthy, unloved, unforgiven. We plaster ourselves all over with bumper stickers that don't match the made-alive inside.

When, really, we just have one bumper sticker, one that doesn't inspire pride ("I'm not perfect, just forgiven") but wells up a love response in us: RIGHTEOUS.

I know, that's more than 6 letters. It won't fit on a license plate, but it perfectly describes who we are.

Questions for you today:
What bumper sticker are you plastering on yourself that is not true?
If you are in Christ, do you believe that you're righteous?