April 1, 2011

Different Strokes

Tell them about Jesus with your life.

Will you write?
Will you touch?
Will you sing?
Will you dance?
Will you draw?
Will you cook?
Will you act?
Will you chart and plot?
Will you build?
Will you photograph?
Will you create?
Will you touch?
Will you pray?
Will you give?
Will you design?
Will you work?
Will you teach?
Will you move?
Will you lead?
Will you follow?

When it comes to showing Jesus, which way is best?

The artists say it's art, but there in the art room are painters using big brushes and small, sculptors using bronze and clay, and sketchers using colored pencils and chalk. Which is best?

The touchers say it's touching, but there they go off to Africa to care for orphans, off to hold babies in the church nursery, and off with a meal and a hug for the widows. Which is best?

The musicians say it's music, but there in the concert hall are sounds of music without words, hymns overflowing with gospel, and is-it-or-isn't-it songs blasting on the radio. Which is best?

The leaders say it's leading, but there they go off to work at the Fortune 500 company, off to a foreign country, and off to the Bible belt church. Which is best?

They're all best.
There is no mold, no right way of showing Jesus for where the Spirit is, there is freedom.
And He has made us different, combining us all to make a collage, that when you step back and look you suddenly see: It's Jesus!

Different Mediums.
Different Brushes.
Different strokes for reaching different folks.

You there, with your unique talents, passions, and gifts.
Go in grace and freedom.
Tell them about Jesus with your life.