April 13, 2011

One of Those Days

I know those days...

When babies are sick and sleep is a distant memory.

When the blahs have taken up residence.

When hubby is out of town on business and the kids seem to be plotting mischief.

When money is depleted.

When the to-do list is extra long and the hours seem extra short.

When deadlines are fast approaching.

When a difficult conversation needs to happen.

When loneliness drains all energy.

When another person and another need pulls at the already-brimming schedule.

When the first thought of the day is How soon before bedtime?

When the pressure is mounting.

When grief comes calling.

Jesus taught us what to do when it's one of those days. Because your Father knows what you need, He said, pray like this: Give me what I need for today. Give me my daily sustenance.

And don't think ahead in worry because tomorrow you can come back and ask the same of Him. 

And He'll give you what you need. 

Because He loves you.