April 18, 2011

Resources for Church Planting Wives

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Church planting doesn't get easier the longer you do it. Things certainly change: the church grows, the city you're planting in becomes home, and your role in it all becomes a little less vague. But with growth and each new stage in the life of the church, new challenges constantly arise.

Sorry if that ruins your day.

But here's something to pull you from the pit of despair: handouts!

I love handouts. If there is a class with handouts, I'm there. Especially if they're printed on colored paper and have blanks with alliterated bullet points to fill in. Alas, these handouts meant to pull you up from the pit of despair are none of the above, but are just links to some of my favorite resources for church planting wives. Virtual handouts, one might say.

Aaaaahhhh. Now don't you feel better having those handouts?

What resources have been helpful for you in church planting? Please tell us in the comments.