April 26, 2011

Whose Time is It?

I registered my middle son for kindergarten last week. He's excited about joining his beloved older brother at his school and on his bus in the fall. My youngest is already counting down the days until he can go too, but preschool will suffice for now, especially for Mom.
My husband and I are excited that, on his day off, all of our children will be at school. What a pleasure it will be to sit in a quiet house and drink coffee while we read the paper. Or perhaps we'll go out for a nice breakfast or walk. Or maybe I'll watch while he cleans the toilets. A girl can certainly dream.

With this new milestone coming, times are a changin' in the Hoover home. When I have a little time freed up to do with as I please, my response is usually to guard it or to fill it with activities that I enjoy. But recently, God has been speaking to me about my time. Is it mine or is it His? I'm sharing about it over at In(courage) today. Please join me!