May 9, 2011

Hare-Brained Ideas

I've had some hare-brained ideas in my life.

Like the time my sister and I decided we'd sell custom cards. We even decided on a name: LYLAS cards for the ever popular yearbook signature Love You Like a Sister. But that idea fizzled out before we made a single card.

There was the time in high school when I decided to try out for drum major. I wanted to be drum major but I didn't want to put much effort into making drum major. So I half-heartedly tried out and, surprisingly, didn't make it.

Or the time I saw an ad in my college paper about walk-ons for the softball team and actually took a millisecond to consider trying out.

Or the dozens and dozens of times Kyle and I have talked about trying out for the Amazing Race, looked at the online application, and let the deadline pass us by.

There has been a hare-brained idea, however, that I have had since I was a child and it has never fizzled or lessened or gone away. I have certainly told it to go away many times because of fear and uncertainty. I've told myself that those hare-brained ideas are for other people. Bold people. Brilliant people. Creative people.

A few years ago, instead of telling the idea to go away, I indulged it. I've always talked myself down, trying to keep myself safe in my secure little box. But I realized how it's been with me for so many years, almost gnawing at me. That's when it hit me square between the eyes: maybe it isn't an idea so much as it is a calling.

So I'm pursuing it, this call to write. I can't see where this leads, if anywhere. Maybe it's just for me and for how God is changing me through this process. But I sure am glad to be released from my confining, non-dreaming box. It's fun giving in to a hare-brained idea.

What about you? What's gnawing at you? Do you talk yourself down or have you considered that God might be calling you to do something about it?