May 8, 2011

Mile Markers

I'm on mile 8 (and 5 and 3) of the mothering marathon. Today, Mother's Day, is the mile marker where I can pull off for a Gatorade stop, take a breather, and prepare for running another mile. There is so much I could do better as I move forward and, with God's help, I will do better. 

But perhaps the day is best spent thinking of how far I've run. How God has been gracious in sustaining me through baby years, toddler years, autism years, potty training years, sibling rivalry years, and school years. How those everydays have added up to lots of victories and accomplishments and love. How blessed (and sanctified) I've been by my children.

Where are you in the mothering marathon? Think about how far you've come and take time today to reflect on God's goodness and grace toward you in your years as a mom. Hopefully, you can reflect on these things while laying down for a nap, getting a pedicure, or soaking in the tub! Happy Mother's Day!