June 13, 2011

The Story

Do you remember the moment He called you to church plant? That moment when God nudged you with a whisper or wrote the calling in the sky, when your heart filled up to overflowing, when peace settled down deep in your soul, when a crazy idea seemed the most rational, most certain thing in all the world.

Perhaps it was several moments: connect-the-dot days on a timeline, thoughts leaning and fitting together to form a clear picture, or conversations with wise counselors.

He called you. To leave the familiar like Abraham, journeying into the unknown and uncertain.

I think of our own calling in mental snapshots: attending a conference where we soaked in church planting, watching a slideshow, sitting quietly at the back of a dark sanctuary, talking with my husband over coffee. Those snapshots form a story, one that is still unfolding.

You and I, we did it. God called us and we answered with our big, crazy faith. We said yes to Him when we didn't know anything for sure, when none of the details were in focus. And it felt glorious. Certainly, fear threatened to crash our party, but our big faith turned fear and doubt away at the door like a muscle-bound bouncer. He invited us to faith and we accepted. We were gung-ho, ready to go, and pumped full with spiritual adrenaline.

What is the difference between that day and mundane, ol' today? Is there a difference for you?

Whether you’re still preparing to plant the church or you’ve been planting for several years, I imagine that, at some point, faith has given way to anxiety or fear. As you and I know all too well, starting something is easier (and more exciting) than the everyday, sustaining faith it takes to grow a church. In my experience, the first steps of faith were easier compared to the everyday, one-year-later faith. That faith is viciously, ferociously attacked. 

Our tendency, too, is to live off of our one-time, big-step faith. To miss that girl who was willing to go anywhere and do anything for the Lord. We treat church planting as a one-time celebrated event and then face the day-to-day discouragements or hardships with trepidation and puny faith.

Because we forget the story is still unfolding. The same God who orchestrated your life then is working everything for your good now. 

Remember today, precious one:
He called you.
He provided for you.
He guided you.
He did the miraculous in you and through you.

Remember your story. Because He was faithful in the glorious days of big faith and big steps. And He is faithful today in the mundane, routine days, on the dark cloud days, on the days when nothing is as we planned. He is faithful.