December 18, 2011

Church Planting Roundup

Allow me to share some links that have been meaningful to me as a church planting wife as of late. (Perhaps they will encourage you too?)

Because we must learn from other church planters in order to avoid their mistakes:
Mark Driscoll's 10 Painful Lessons from the Early Days of Mars Hill

Because comparison is an ugly side effect of church planting (and writing):
Leslie's Kick Insecurity in the Face

Because discouragement happens:
Shannon encourages us to Stand Firm in our calling

Because we so often forget that a church is built one relationship at a time:
Seth Godin on Preparing for the Breakthrough

Because everyone started somewhere and all the work is God's:
Mars Hill's documentary: God's Work, Our Witness

Because sometimes our greatest critic is ourself:
I share about The Pastor's Wife in my head

Do you have any encouraging links you'd like to share with us? Just leave them for us in the comments.