March 19, 2012

Out on a Limb

Once you go out on a limb with God and see with your own eyes who He is and what He can do, there is nothing that He asks of you that you won't do. Like the rich getting richer, the strong in faith become stronger in faith. When we fight to stay in certain and controlled circumstances, seek comfort over discomfort, or need a fully mapped-out plan, can we even claim faith in God at all? The poor become poorer, indeed.
This is why we must go out on a limb with God as much as He gives us opportunity to do so. We must seek new perspectives, learn new cultures, cultivate relationships with people unlike us, and listen to the God-stirrings in our hearts. We must initiate spiritual conversations, purposefully place ourselves in situations where we don't know outcomes or answers, try things that we might fail, and allow discomfort. We must be curious, hear peoples' stories, consider others better than ourselves, face challenges head on, attempt things that may seem silly to other people, and observe the world and where God is moving in it. We must move from one spot to another.

Because when we go out on a limb with God, the safety harnesses cannot go too.

Because when we go out on a limb with God, we cannot rely on our cunning, skill, or plan.

Because when we go out on a limb with God, we have only Him. This, I think, He relishes. He waits for. He throws His hands up in exaltation because here--out on the limb--He gets to be God as He wants to be: faithful and true, gentle and gracious, bold and wise, powerful and capable.

Going out on a limb is one sure way to know your character, for, in response to the discomfort, it will surely bubble up to the surface. With all safety harnesses gone, He speeds your spiritual growth, knowing that you have nothing else to cling to other than Him. There, in that fragile spot, we learn to depend on Him.

There, surprisingly, we also learn to love being out on the limb.

Because He is there. And, because He is, we have nothing to be afraid of.