April 13, 2012

What Every Wife Needs

Ladies, I've written a blog post for Desiring God today that you will want to gently forward to your husband, print out and leave on his pillow, tape to the bathroom mirror, mail to his office, read to him at the dinner table, or tape to his forehead. It starts:

“Words of encouragement to a wife are like water to a plant.”

When I read that quote recently, I thought about how true that statement is, how every wife needs and craves encouragement from her husband."

My husband is masterful at showing me love: he plans date nights, he gives me a box of Junior Mints just when I'm withdrawing, he is an engaged parent, and he leads our home well. But there is nothing like a well-timed word of encouragement from him! Hearing Kyle say that I'm a good mom, that he sees the value of my work with our children, that he appreciates my cooking, that he thinks I'm beautiful, or that he sees God using me -- those words re-energize me for days.

Husbands, especially if your wife is a stay-at-home mom or socially isolated in some way, you may be the only source of encouragement your wife receives on a continual basis.
You can read the rest here.