May 7, 2012

One Sure Thing

I’ve been singing the chorus for weeks, a few simple words from a Charlie Hall song that our worship leader taught us at church:

Christ has died and
Christ has risen.
Christ will come again.

I once heard that a people group in Ecuador define peace as the heart sitting down, and that is just what happens in my soul when I sing those gospel words to myself while I’m blowdrying my hair or fixing dinner or loading children in car seats. All the worries darting through my mind, all the weight of my sin, all the burdens of motherhood and ministry fall right off in light of these truths. My heart sits down, at peace.
That chorus resonates with such certainty that, no matter what, my sin has been removed, death has lost its sting, my struggles and life circumstances will be redeemed. There is hope always because this Person at the core of the gospel, Christ, is unchanging. Because of this, these truths about Him are everlasting. I can put all my weight on Him.

Christ has died and
Christ has risen.
Christ will come again.

This has so much to do with my everyday life as a disciple, a wife, a mother, and a minister of the gospel because, really, the only sure circumstance I know is change. Any fear or worry I have stems from knowing that life can look drastically different from one day to the next. I am frail and unknowing; I cannot predict or control tomorrow. My attempts to resist change or even to get a firm grasp on today are like trying to cup the wind in my hands.

Summer turns to fall.
Little boys grow up.
Day gives way to night.
Gray hair appears.
Jobs change.
Relationships shift.
God gives and takes away.
Nothing goes untouched by change.

Sometimes we believe that security comes in change—a new house, a different job, a change in marital status—and sometimes we believe security comes in hiding from or running from change. But security only comes in the Unchangeable, even as life constantly changes around us.

He is the only sure thing, even more certain than the sun rising and the seasons changing, even more certain than the most secure relationships, even more certain than life and death. When we realize this, we can let go of our death grip on life, stop fearing the future, and enjoy the adventure of life because we are hidden safely in the Unchangeable.

Peace is there.

Marriage? God is forever faithful.
Children? God is forever faithful.
The church? God is forever faithful.
Vocation? God is forever faithful.
Tragedy? God is forever faithful.
Disability? God is forever faithful.
Culture? God is forever faithful.
Friendship? God is forever faithful.

He is unchanging.

May our hearts sit down.