May 3, 2012

Plastic Tools

In the garage one day, following behind their father as he completed his honey-do list, my boys discovered the manly joy of tools. They assessed their own heights with the measuring tape until Kyle pulled out a screwdriver for his task. Then, fascinated, they each dug around in the toolbox for their own screwdriver and marched intently around the house looking for screws to tighten, just like Dad.
They could have had plastic Little Tike tools, for all the actual tightening they did. Kyle, though, complimented their handiwork and pointed out more switch plate screws in the kitchen, following behind them to make sure the work actually got done (or didn't come undone).

Kyle gave them a gift that day by outfitting them with tools and relaying the joy of using them properly. In all areas of life, a good father does this very thing.

Our good Father gives gifts like this, too. He bestows on us our personalities, our talents, our abilities, and our spiritual gifts, each of us with a unique blend of tools in our toolbox. He also gives us opportunities to use our tools and unspeakable joy as we do. Certainly, like any good father, He delights in watching us create with what He's given us.

However, we must use what He has given us properly. We must always remember that the tools (and the work) are actually His. If we go off on our own, thinking the tools are ours do with as we please, or that we are somehow capable of creating a masterpiece with our simple plastic tools, we are foolish and quite capable of destroying the beautiful workmanship unfolding beneath the Father's hands.

We can't forget that we work with His tools, in His name, and for Him alone.