June 7, 2012

50 Lessons Learned in Ministry as a Pastor's Wife

1. It's not about me.
3. There has to be a delineation between being a professional Christian and a Christian.
5. Criticism is inevitable, and it takes great courage to continue to put myself out there after hurts come.
6. As the pastor's wife, I have significant influence on the spiritual and relational environment of the church.
7. Everyone wants our family and marriage to be vibrant and healthy, but my husband and I are the only ones who will fight for our family.
8. People usually think they are the exception to the rule.
9. I have to work extremely hard to express grace to other women because most people assume that my response will be to withhold it from them.
10. There are two ways of quitting ministry: my husband leaving the position or me quitting in my heart.
11. God is real.
12. If I think ministry will make me famous, liked, respected (or anything other than a servant), I'll be miserable.
13. Most people don't know what a pastor does other than preach.
14. Ministry works best when I release my death grip on control.
15. I have to know my gifts and use them, even if it means doing things differently than other people.
16. I am a huge indicator of my husband's perseverance in ministry.
18. Most people assume that the pastor and his wife don't know about the real world when, in fact, they know the realities of sin more than anyone else.
20. It is better to give than to receive.
21. Spiritual warfare is real and often extremely subtle.
22. Being a pastor's wife is easiest when I embrace it as a gift and opportunity.
23. No one is immune from sin.
25. Everyone wants to belong. And everyone needs grace.
26. The more vulnerable I am, the more comfortable and vulnerable others will be with me.
28. Rest is vitally important. God wasn't making a suggestion when He instituted the Sabbath. He made us with limits and gives us a way to live well within those limits.
35. When I need help, I should ask for it.
36. I must not forget to thank God when I see Him move or act.
37. God sees. I must trust Him to deal with people who have hurt me, not take it into my own hands.
38. God is not to be used for my own purposes.
40. It isn't healthy for me to know everything that is happening in the church.
41. My husband and I must be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.
42. Sin isn't worth it. It destroys everything.
43. Ministry looks different in different seasons of life and that's OK.
48. Date nights are good for sanity.
49. God loves people. 
50. God is faithful.

Here are 35 more lessons I've learned.

What have you learned in ministry that you would add to the list?