June 26, 2012

The Blinding Laptop Light

I am concerned for my generation of women, the ones living by the laptop glow of Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter, and Pinterest. I don't think these things are bad or wrong, but I do think that, used indiscriminately and without discernment, they intensify certain heart issues that we women tend to innately struggle with already, such as discontentment, comparison, selfishness, and pride.

For women like me who are homemakers with young children, these battles play out in our homes and families. We feel compelled toward Pinterest creativity and decorating or toward comparing our vacations and experiences with our fellow mothers on Facebook. It is so very easy to begin falling in line behind everyone else and lose sight of our individual gifts and the unique needs of our families. Even more, we lose sight of our true Treasure. I've been there.

This idea--the concern for my heart and the hearts of women--was the inspiration for my post today at Desiring God. Join me there?