June 15, 2012

When You're New to Ministry

I still remember how overwhelmed I felt when my husband took his first ministry position. Aside from God using that time to completely change my life, those first few years instilled in me a compassion for ministry wives coming up behind me. If you are new to ministry, I'm writing for you today at Flourish.me, a new website for ministry wives like us.

The post starts:

A few months into my husband's first ministry position, one of the other staff wives from our church dropped by my house for coffee. I was a 24-year-old college pastor's wife with very little ministry (and life) experience and a whole lot of questions. She, on the other hand, had years of experience in marriage, motherhood, and ministry. As soon as she entered my home, I wanted to shake her and say, "Spill the beans!" Or more accurately, "HELP ME!" Being new to marriage and ministry, I felt so young, so inexperienced, and so very vulnerable.

We talked about scrapbooking, of all things.

I waited for her to ask all the right questions so I could reveal that I was flailing, drowning, and overwhelmed. I wanted to tell her that I was trying so hard, trying to fill up this role I found myself in, trying to keep it together, trying to figure it all out as if it was one big math problem. With my eyes, I pleaded with her to offer her wisdom, to rescue me from my isolation.

I didn't ask her for help. I could have. I should have, but I didn't because I felt so certain that I was the only one in the history of ministry that was struggling.

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