October 26, 2012

Dump It Overboard

In The Shaping of a Christian Family, Elisabeth Elliot shares a letter that her parents received from a veteran missionary as they crossed the Atlantic into their first missionary assignment. The letter is intended as advice specifically for missionaries, but does it not ring true for all disciples of Jesus regarding most anything, whether parenting, marriage, or ministry?
God's way of speaking to you and of getting at you will be through His Word. Dwell in it, therefore. Begin each day with a portion of it. Pray for grace to see when He is speaking to you, and for grace to adjust yourself to what He thus shows you. Do that and you will be a successful Christian and missionary wherever you are.
If it has not already been done, somewhere in the mid-Atlantic just dump overboard all the supposed superiority we Americans think we have over most other folks! Enter Belgium merely as a sinner-saved-by-grace, and not as an American!
Don't be going around with a chip on your shoulder looking for your rights. I do not say this because I have seen anything in you which leads me to think it necessary, for so far as I have observed, you are free from it all. I do know human nature a bit, though, and you will need to keep close to the Lord to prevent this sort of things coming into your life.
Mr. Hoste (director of the China Inland Mission) once said to me, as I was about to take up a new responsibility, "Mr. Whitlesey, you may expect all the honor and esteem you are worthy of receiving, and no more!" A good text: "Let your yieldingness be known unto all men" (Phil 4:5).