October 16, 2012

Finding Hope in Autism (A Free Resource)

Today I am posting in honor of my oldest son, who was diagnosed with autism on October 16, 2006. On that day six years ago, I faced what I thought was needless suffering but instead have learned I was facing the grace and gentle pruning of Christ. Through parenting this child, I have learned more about Jesus, His love, and His goodness than through any other source aside from the Bible. In these six year, I have been made into a new person, and I am thankful. I love my son.

This does not mean the road is easy, for it is certainly not. If there is one thing that can bring me to my knees, bring a lump to my throat, bring a feeling of helplessness, or bring my mama-bear instincts out, it is my son. 

But I live and parent with hope because of Jesus Christ. And the hope of heaven's perfect redemption is my son's reality.
I've shared before about what makes me sad, about how God has walked this road with me when I've struggled, about how my son gave his life to Jesus, and about how God has given us gifts to remind us of His faithfulness. 

Today, however, I share a secret with you: before I wrote The Church Planting Wife, I wrote an entire book about my son. It was meant to encourage moms facing an autism diagnosis, but it never found a publishing home. I've shared it privately with friends or friends of friends, but I want to quietly share it today in the hopes that it might actually be an encouragement to anyone who needs it, as it was purposed for. And I share it to honor my son, Will, and the God who made him.

Click either link for a digital version of the book*:

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Links to share: (feel free to write whatever you want...these are just suggestions)

A blog I like to read: www.gracecoversme.com (if you do actually like it.. ha!)
A book just for church planting wives! http://amzn.to/Wd1mXI
A free biblical resource for moms of children with autism: http://bit.ly/TTN5yg

Thanks, friends.