November 9, 2012

Do The Next Thing

If you're like me, at this time of year the to-do list is growing at viral proportions. Holiday plans, ministry responsibilities, birthday parties, household duties--it's never-ending. Not to mention the (good) changes I feel God is asking me to make in my family and in my heart. Where to begin? How will I do all of this? It's overwhelming.
When I started writing and studying the publishing industry, I felt this same way. There was so much to learn, to figure out, to practice, to do. Someone further along in the process said to me: Just do the next thing. Submit an article. Read a book about the industry. Write a blog post. In other words, one day at a time, one step at a time.

That advice came back to me yesterday as I prayed about what God is calling me to do and as I considered it in relation to this season's schedule. I always speak such condemnation and hopelessness to myself, but doesn't He always so graciously speak grace and hope? He simply said, Do the next thing. I will empower you to fulfill what I call you to do. And then do the next thing after that, and I will   still be there beside you giving you what you need then.

What's in front of you today? What steps of faith is God calling you to take? Maybe you're overwhelmed because you're looking too far ahead or too much at the big picture. Maybe you're exhausted or facing some difficult circumstances.

A simple word for today: Just do the next thing. 

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Whitney said...

I know it says my comments don't show up-not sure what I'm doing wrong but just wanted to say thank you. I honestly look forward to my morning twitter with link attached from you. Needed this today as I very much feel so overwhelmed I almost do nothing. Our church plant is going through many hurts-illnesses, losing members due to job changes & our family wondering on pay when giving is low. I haven't been able to speak out loud but more with my heart to the Lord & through a few venues yesterday & now this-He is so good to my soul:-)

Anonymous said...

What awesome and encouraging words!

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