November 30, 2012

Join My Book Launch Team!

When Moody received my book proposal for The Church Planting Wife over a year ago, they accepted it, knowing they were taking a risk on a niche book, but in full agreement that the church planting world is a "small but passionate" group. They also recognized that church planters have many rich resources at the ready, but church planting wives, though thirsty for help and encouragement, have practically none.

Now that the countdown to my book's release has begun and marketing plans are being prepared, I realize it all comes back once again to those two things: the small but passionate church planting world and a group of women eager for resources. 
This is where you come in, my lovely readers. Will you help me bring the two together? Church planting wives are typically isolated, spread across the globe. But they are connected online, just as you are. If you can simply share about the availability of this book within your circles, you will have introduced the church planting subculture to what I hope is a beneficial resource.

To help make this happen, I'm developing a launch team of people who would like to be a part of the book's release on an intimate level and who see the sharing of this book as an opportunity to encourage women, marriages, and churches. You do not have to be a church planting wife or a pastor's wife to participate on the launch team, by the way. Anyone is welcome!

The launch team will get a free digital copy of the book before the release, participate in the behind-the-scenes of a book release, and have my undying gratefulness. To find out more about what the launch team will do or to join in, please click on the link below. The launch team will be limited to the first 100 people who "apply" so do it now while you're staring at your computer screen!

The Church Planting Wife Launch Team Application 
(Sorry, the limit has been reached. Thank you!)

Just so you know, the book releases February 1st. Please consider waiting to purchase your copy during launch week because there will be special giveaways and incentives that you won't want to miss out on! In January, I will begin a countdown to the release in earnest. In order not to miss anything, I invite you to subscribe to the blog.

Thank you so much for your kind readership and for being one of the "small but passionate" who is serving the Lord in your families and communities. 

Now go fill out that launch team application!