December 31, 2012

2012 in Pictures

As we close out the year, I've shared my 2012 in books and blog posts. Today I want to give you lots of thousands of words. In pictures. Because a picture is worth a thousand words. Get it? Ahem. OK, back to business. And here, dear blog readers, is my 2012 in pictures:
This little cutie turned 7.
As much as we searched, there was one that got away.
Our oldest son became a Christian and was baptized.
This little cutie turned 4.
We went to the beach as a family.
This little cutie turned a big number.  
The big boys started 4th and 1st grades.
Will won a couple of races, a great start to his running career.
Dreams do come true.

The Aggies shocked everyone and went 10-2 in the SEC. And did you hear about the Heisman?
Will shocked everyone by washing a dish without being asked.
I enjoyed lots o' babies and mamas from our church.
Good friends became better friends.
So long, 2012! You've been good to us.