April 19, 2013

Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

I always wanted to have boys. And that's exactly what God gave me: three boys who are 9, 7, and 5 and the lights of my life. They make me laugh, they amaze me with their thoughts and abilities, and they are every bit the blessing that the Psalms describe.

But I must say, they also perplex me. I am the lone girl in this house and, at times, I feel the loneliness of one. I don't always relate to the rough and tumble play or the unique needs of boys. I have just one sister, so I grew up in an estrogen-filled home, which I'm sure was totally different than what I'm experiencing but equally as perplexing to my parents. Teenage hormones, anyone?

Although I don't always understand boys, I'm glad I'm a mom of boys. I absolutely have no idea what I would do with a girl, aside from dressing her in adorable clothes. I do, however, know a thing or two by now about what it's like rearing boys. Here's what I know so far about raising children of the male variety:
He did his own band-aid work in response to a small scratch on his face. He also would not sit still for this picture. Boys. 
1. Boys are simple. As long as they're loved, rested, fed, and allowed an opportunity to get their energy out, they're perfectly content in life.
2. I'm convinced that bulk food stores were created for families with boys. My husband always says, "We won't have to pay for three weddings, but we're paying for three weddings one meal at a time."
3. One form--perhaps the most common form--of boy communication is wrestling.
4. When it comes to clothes for boys, all you need are a few bottoms, a few tops, a few superhero pajama sets, and one pair of shoes and you're good to go.
5. No matter their age, boys think tooting is funny.
6. Boys tend to be loud, rambunctious, and innately drawn to stories of adventure and valor.
7. Boys can make a game out of anything. They can also make a sword out of anything.
8. Boys don't like to answer a lot of questions. But when you get them tucked in bed and kiss them goodnight, feelings and thoughts tend to fall right out.
9. Boys like to be naked.
10. Boys love what their dad loves and they also really, really love their mamas.

I am not simple emotionally, I don't love to wrestle, and I prefer calm and quiet. But as a mom of boys,
I am embracing more and more the uniqueness of boyhood and the uniqueness of the family God has given me. I want to treasure my boys right into manhood, when they grow up to be men who still don't care about their wardrobe and who still think tooting is funny, but also men, I hope, who are men of godly adventure and valor like the stories they so love now.

How are you embracing the uniqueness of the family God has given you?