July 25, 2013

Discipleship, Church Planting, & Women's Ministry

I once was a podcaster. At least I tried to be and it lasted all of one time. But perhaps while I'm away on sabbatical, it bears repeating in case someone out there needs a few practical ministry and church planting questions answered. Enjoy!

My grandparents always say they sound like the Clampetts from The Beverly Hillbillies upon hearing themselves on a recording. They said it when I interviewed them for a high school history project, again when I recorded them talking about marriage for a seminary paper, and every time we catch them on video and play it back for them.
Today, I'm feeling a Clampett come to town: a little sheepish, a little bit fish out of water, a little bit any other metaphor involving an animal who is uncomfortable and/or petrified. Here's why: I'm introducing a series of podcasts for women who lead.

A reader gave me the idea actually. She said she'd like help in the areas of ministry that she does most as a pastor's wife: counseling, hospitality, leading and teaching. I thought, "That's a great idea! I hope somebody does that." And I started to think that I should do it, then chickened out for a few months, and then finally decided to take on the challenge.

So I thought the easiest way I could tackle this would be through a monthly one-time podcast, which I'm calling The Ministry Toolkit for Ministry Wives. That makes it sound all big and hoity toity, or that we all ought to go out and buy those pink toolbelts for our pink hammers or something, but it's really just me on the floor of my bedroom talking to you about the things you and I do most.

I'm kicking things off today with two podcasts, and the plan is to post a new one on the first of each month never do another one. I really and truly hope they are helpful and encouraging to you. And I really and truly hope I don't sound like a Clampett. To listen, click on the links below and then download the mp3 files to your computer. Happy listening!

This podcast is an introduction that gives you a little more background on me, my family, my experience in ministry, and focuses primarily on how God called us into church planting. I share about what I most say to women just getting started in ministry and in church planting. And I definitely talk about this cutie:
Hi, Honey!
In this session, you'll learn about what I believe is the most important ministry within the church and the basic framework for women's ministry.

You'll also be given:
  • A Scriptural basis for discipleship
  • Ideas of how to incorporate discipleship into your women's ministry (even if you are church planting and don't have one yet)
  • Help on how to begin discipling women yourself (if you aren't already)
  • Help on how to train other women to become disciplers
In the podcast, I also talk about a resource packet that I make available to women in our church. You can find that resource packet here.