December 19, 2013

2013 in Words

This year was a big year for me, what with the release of my first ever book and us taking our first ever sabbatical and all. But the best of this year has happened in the everyday, as I've learned and grown and processed it all right here on the blog.

I read this quote from Oswald Chambers recently and it sums it up nicely: "Struggle to express some truth of God to yourself, and God will use that expression to someone else." I've written here in this space this year to hopefully do just that: to learn and express how to live by faith and walk in grace and do ministry in the midst of it all. Thank you for walking in it with me!

To close out the year, I collected the best of the blog into this one post. There are a few insightful interviews and guest posts, a few posts on what it's like to be a pastor's wife or in church planting, and a few about marriage, motherhood, and rest. All things that I've learned this year, and all things that I hope God has or will use to put words to what you are learning in your own life. And until 2014, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My husband is important to the work of the church, but I am not. And other lies.

How to respond to one another with grace even when we choose different methods of parenting, education, and work.

She wants to forward this to you, but she probably won't, so read it.

Amie, wife of Darrin, on expectations, parenting at church, and more.

I didn't write the post, I just asked the question. The comment section is the best of this post.

A tongue-in-cheek take on the weird, wacky, and wonderful world of pastor's wives.

A response and plea to church planters based on what I'm hearing from church planting wives.

Parenting from faith rather than fear and control.

My friend Annie Garman on not "keeping up appearances". 

My friend Marylyn tells how best to relate with and serve single women in your church.

Can you guess what it is? 

An interview with a friend of mine whose husband confessed to sexual sin.

A few things I learned this year about taking a Sabbath.

A collection of verses to beat back the discouragements of ministry.

A few things you should expect in your first few years of church planting.

A reflection on my 13th anniversary about the practical things I've learned about marriage. 

What it's like to be a mom of boys.

The one in which I got pretty vulnerable about the unhealthiness in my life prior to sabbatical.

If you'd like to see previous years' lists, here's 2012 and here's 2011

Again, thank you, dear readers, for this year! See you in 2014.