May 27, 2014

A Podcast for Church Planting Wives (and Their Husbands)

A woman once tagged me in a picture on Instagram that is perhaps one of my favorite pictures ever, which of course I can't currently find to show you. Boo. In the picture, the woman stuck her camera up over her shoulder and snapped a shot of her husband intently reading a copy of The Church Planting Wife that she had snagged at a conference.

Aside from being just a really cute picture, I loved it so much because it was a church planter reading a book about how church planting wives generally experience church planting, so he could understand his wife specifically.
My husband understands that this church planting wife needs Tex-Mex in regular intervals.
I love when guys care about this stuff. I also love when guys ask me questions about their wives and church planting, because it's cutely obvious that they want to serve their wives well through the process. There are lots and lots of church planters out there (and right there in your home) who want to get the marriage and family part right just as much as they want to get the ministry part right.

So I was thrilled when a friend of ours, Clint Clifton, who facilitates church planting in D.C., asked me to answer a few questions for church planters about what it's like to be a church planting wife. You can listen in on our conversation, perhaps together with your husband, as I share:

  1. Our church planting story, including how God called us into church planting and why we chose Charlottesville, Virginia;
  2. Why I wrote The Church Planting Wife
  3. How I would advise a man who feels called into church planting but whose wife has reservations;
  4. What, if any, qualifications or competencies are necessary for a church planting wife;
  5. What I see are the biggest fears and difficulties church planting wives are facing and how their husbands can help them through those;
  6. What success looks like for a church planting wife;
  7. What my husband, Kyle, has done that has helped make church planting easier for me;
  8. and, finally, about the ever-asked issue of friendship and ministry.
Click over to listen to the podcast here (and check out the other podcasts that Clint has put together!).