October 27, 2014

20 Powerful Statements About Humility

Humility by Andrew Murray has been on my to-read list for a while now. I don't know why I waited so long to read this short and simple yet deeply rich book! It has challenged me, not only showing me how prideful I am, but how far God has gone to humbly serve me through Christ and how much humility must be a part of my life if I am to serve Him in return. I hope you'll read it yourself. Here are some quotes from the book to give you nuggets to chew on for today and to whet your appetite for more:

His humility became our salvation. His salvation is our humility. (17)

Humility is the only soil in which virtue takes root; a lack of humility is the explanation of every defect and failure. (17)

Humility is simply acknowledging the truth of one's position as creature and yielding to God His place. (17)

Meekness and lowliness of heart are to be the distinguishing feature of the disciple, just as they were of the Master. And further, that this humility is not something that will come of itself, but that it must be made the object of special desire, prayer, faith, and practice. (18)

Is it any wonder that the Christian life is so often weak and fruitless, when the very root of the Christian life is neglected or unknown? Is it any wonder that the joy of salvation is so little felt, when that by which Christ brings it is so seldom sought? Until a humility that rests in nothing less than the end and death of self, and which gives up all the honor of men as Jesus did to seek the honor that comes from God alone (which absolutely makes and counts itself nothing) that God may be all, that the Lord alone may be exalted--until such a humility is what we seek in Christ above our chief joy, and welcome at any price, there is very little hope of a faith that will conquer the world. (26)
Jesus' humility was simply the surrender of himself to God, to allow Him to do in Him what He pleased, regardless of what men might say of Him or do to Him. (33)

The root of all virtue and grace, of all faith and acceptable worship, is that we know that we have nothing but what we receive, and bow in deepest humility to wait upon God for it. (34)

What will be the chief distinction in the heavenly kingdom? The glory of heaven, the mind of heaven, is humility. (38)

His service is our highest liberty--the freedom from sin and self. We need to learn another lesson--that Jesus calls us to be servants of one another, and that as we accept it heartily, this service will be a most blessed one, a new and fuller deliverance from sin and self. (40)

Ask not for exaltation. That is God's work. See that you humble yourselves and take no place before God or man but that of a servant. (41)

It is only where we, like the Son, truly know and show that we can do nothing of ourselves that God will do everything. (49)

It is easy to think that we humble ourselves before God, but our humility toward others is the only sufficient proof that our humility before God is real. (53)

Let us look upon everyone who tries us as God's means of grace, God's instrument for our purification, for our exercise of the humility of Jesus. (58)

The great test of whether the holiness we profess to seek or to attain is truth and life will be whether it is manifest in the increasing humility it produces. . . Humility is the bloom and the beauty of holiness. (61)

Jesus the Holy One is the humble One: the holiest will always be the humblest. (63)

The law may break the heart with fear; it is only grace that works that sweet humility that becomes joy to the soul as its second nature. (73)

Not to be occupied with sin but to be fully occupied with God brings deliverance from self. (73)

Let us gladly accept whatever humbles us before God or men--this alone is the path to the glory of God. (79)

How can I die to self? Death to self is not your work; it is God's work. . . Place yourself before God in your helplessness; consent to the fact that you are powerless to slay yourself; give yourself in patient and trustful surrender to God. (85)

True humility will manifest itself in daily life. The one who has it will take the form of a servant. (85)