November 28, 2014

God Doesn't Complain (About You)

God doesn't complain. That thought struck me one day recently as I was driving, and I couldn't help but smile and tap my steering wheel to the song on the radio. I'd read that morning in Zephaniah about God being a singing God, a delighting-in-us God, and I'd been thinking about it ever since, trying to wrap my mind around how that could be in light of my sin. Of course, it can only be in light of Christ that God could look on me with smiling eyes. All the more reason to smile and tap my steering wheel.
Because if God delights in me--and Scripture says He does--He doesn't complain about me. He's not turning to the Holy Spirit with crossed arms and grumbling about my behavior. And He's not commiserating with Jesus about my constant needs and questions.

This was quite a revelation to me, something I'd never considered before. And it led to some more revelations about what my response might be in light of the truth that God doesn't complain. You can jump over to Incourage to read the thought process God took me through that day in the car. 

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Happy Thanksgiving to my all my stateside friends!