December 18, 2014

Protection and Fear and Unbelief

I read somewhere that the root of all sin is unbelief and that we choose responses to get us through in place of belief, things like fear and worry and anger. I think my personal flavor of unbelief is isolation, putting walls up, or getting defensively protective of myself. Standing at a distance.
In some ways, this fall has been really great. I've enjoyed God's answers to prayers I've prayed for a whole long time. My heart has settled where once it was jumping around crazy. And we continue to be happily overwhelmed at what God has given us to do in our city.

Because of this, there have been other things, not necessarily bad things, but just a feeling of life clicking into high gear. I sometimes feel like I live three lives: a family life, a ministry life, and a writing life. My family/ministry/friend/social lives intersect frequently, but my writing life often stands separate. A good portion of people in our church don't know that I have this little blog thing going or that there are some books with my name on it out there in the world. And I very much like it that way. It feels protective of me in some way, like if it was a "thing", I would not only be the weirdo pastor's wife but the even-more weirdo writing pastor's wife.

I guess I'm telling you this because I realize this isn't such a great thing that I try to protect parts of myself. I'm not saying I shouldn't have boundaries and live according to limits and all that, but just that protection is a form of unbelief for me. I like to feel like I'm controlling my narrative and controlling my life, and well, that's just not working for me any longer. My three lives are getting busier, fuller, and more out of my grasp. I can't control my narrative, because I can't control what God calls me to do. He's challenging my unbelief in the face of feelings of inadequacy. And He's challenging me to not necessarily look for ways to slow life down but for ways to trust Him more as it kicks into high gear.

In praying ahead to 2015, this is most what I'm praying about. More faith. More freefall without my typical self-protection. More hands-wide-open and life-wide-open. What about you? What do you tend to replace belief with and how does God want to work in your life regarding this tendency in 2015?

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