May 20, 2015

An Invitation For You: A Book Club with From Good to Grace

Summer and books: a perfect combination. Summer and books and friends--even better! That's why I'm pleased to extend an invitation to you and your reading friends to join my From Good to Grace summer book club. Below is a video introducing the book and the book club idea. Consider it your personal invitation, and feel free to share it with friends who you'd like to join you. In addition, click here for an editable flyer you can use to gather or invite women in your church or neighborhood.

From Good to Grace Book Club: Intro from Christine Hoover on Vimeo.
(Download the video for viewing here.)

From Good to Grace is divided into three parts, so I will post three corresponding videos in the month of June, starting June 8th and finishing on June 22nd. In each video, I'll discuss questions raised in the book with three of my friends and give your book club a question for discussion to supplement those provided in the back of my book. I envision each group watching a 10-12 minute video at the beginning of their gathering and then discussing what they've read and watched together. If you and your group decide you'd like to go at your own pace or wait until the fall, the videos will be posted all at once on my book club page on June 8.

One Group Will Win!
As you read and discuss, send me your questions on Twitter, in the comment section below the video posts, on an Instagram post about the videos, or in the comment section when I post the videos on my blog page on Facebook. Basically, any way you can get a hold of me, send in a question using the hashtag #fromgoodtogracebookclub. I'll respond to a few questions in future posts, and one group who submits a question will be chosen at random on August 1st to win a Skype chat with me where I'll answer any and all of your questions in (sort-of) person! Fun, fun!

Solo Book Club
Although I think this is a book best absorbed in discussion with others, you are more than welcome to follow along with the book and the videos on your own if you wish. Just make sure you're subscribed to my blog so you know when the videos are released.

Grab Your Book
If you don't already have a copy, you can purchase From Good to Grace in paperback or ebook form on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, or Lifeway.

I can't wait to get started! Let me know you're excited and joining in by tweeting me or Instagramming me with the #fromgoodtogracebookclub hashtag!