June 22, 2015

From Good to Grace Book Club: Video #3

Today marks the final video in my From Good to Grace summer book club. In this video, I've invited my friend Susan to talk about how we relate to other Christian women, especially when God leads them to make different decisions than our own.

As a reminder:
  • There are three videos to correspond with the three parts of the book. The videos will stay available on my book club page if your book club wants to use them later. 
  • Read one part of the book, get together with your friends, watch the corresponding video, and then discuss! There are questions at the back of the book, but I've given you a supplemental question in each video.
  • Have questions from what you read? Send them to me on Twitter, on Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #fromgoodtograce. I'll choose a few to answer in future posts, and one group will be chosen at random on August 1st for a Skype chat where I'll answer your questions in (sort of) person! Fun, fun! 
Let's continue on with Part There of the book today!

Part Three of From Good to Grace: Responding
Before watching this video, read chapters 7, 8, 9, and the conclusion.

In this video, I talk with my friend Susan about:
  • what it means to give grace to other women
  • how comparison is a symptom of the goodness gospel
  • how to combat comparison
  • how knowing God's approval is essential to giving grace to others
  • the importance of rejoicing in our differences

From Good to Grace Book Club - Part 3 - Responding from Christine Hoover on Vimeo.
(Download this video for viewing here.)

Supplemental question for your group: How are each of you called to adorn the gospel? How can you champion one another in those callings?