November 11, 2015

A Boatload of Books for Ministry Wives {A Giveaway!}

A few months ago, I slipped a few words into a blog post to let you know that I'm currently hard at work on a new book. Most days, I can't wait to share it with you! The other days are a mixture of sweaty paranoia, staring at my screen waiting for words to magically appear, wondering what I've gotten myself into, and typing furiously just to get it down. Bird by bird, as the writer Anne Lamott says. I have many more birds to go. 

As is typical when I'm working up against a deadline, I found something else to do. Some might call it procrastination; I like to call it unnecessary stress. Or a fun little side project. 

The book is not done, but the fun little side project is, and it's for you! I've given full head-to-toe makeovers to my ebooks for church planting and ministry wives and have made Partners in Planting newly available on Amazon. Aren't they pretty? 

The fun news is that I'm celebrating with a giveaway of books to encourage, bless, and help you in your ministry! The giveaway includes:

A seriously beautiful leather-bound Holman Christian Standard Study Bible
The Pastor's Family by Brian & Cara Croft
The Pastor's Kid by Barnabas Piper
Mom Enough (I contributed to this lovely little book)
A Moleskin notebook


I'm throwing in a $50 Amazon gift card to cover my two ebooks, Partners in Ministry and Partners in Planting, and whatever other books you've had your eye on. 

As Leisel says after her gallop around the gazebo in The Sound of Music: wheeeee!

This is a perfect gift to win for a pastor's wife in your life or, of course, for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself entered below.

And I suppose I best get back to work. Bird by bird. Pray for me?

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