March 24, 2017

Ruth Chou Simons on Hurts in Friendship

I have been a fan of Ruth Chou Simons for a long time now, so it was with great joy that I received this endorsement from her regarding my forthcoming book, Messy Beautiful Friendship: "This book inspires us toward more meaningful friendships and a deeper understanding of the God who brings us together. I'm personally grateful for Christine's gentle and helpful exhortation."
It was perhaps even a greater treat to interview Ruth yesterday on the subject of friendship. Ruth is a writer, artist, and shoppe owner at GraceLaced. She's also a wife and a mom to six boys (yes, I asked her about food, laundry, and keeping the bathroom clean!). Her first book, GraceLaced, releases in September, and it combines her beautiful artistry with profound truths about God.

When I chatted with Ruth, I wanted to hear specifically about how she's dealt with the "messy" in her friendships. How has she responded to wounds? How has she learned to forgive? How has she known when she's needed to address offenses and when she's needed to overlook them? We chatted about all this and more, including why we need to know the distinction between relationships and friendships, and what her greatest piece of advice is regarding friendship. Watch our chat below or click here to watch it on YouTube:


As Ruth and I talked about together, hurt is inevitable in friendship, and friendship isn't as easy as we often believe it should be. These are themes I explore in my book, which is coming out in just a few more weeks! Don't miss out on the preorder goodies, including the first two chapters immediately in your inbox, an interview I did with Jen Wilkin on friendship, and a few videos with my real life friends and my real life husband (not that I have an online one..). Get all the preorder details here, and while you're preordering Messy Beautiful Friendship, grab Ruth's as well. It's like a gift for your future self in April and September!