April 11, 2017

Kathy Litton on Helping Grieving Friends

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At some point all of us will be faced with the question of how we can best come alongside friends who are suffering or grieving. Grief can take a variety of forms, as can suffering, but what are ways we can minister to and comfort those around us?

I put those questions and more to my friend Kathy Litton. Kathy is someone I look up to and respect highly. She's a pastor's wife, a mom, and a grandmother, as well as someone who helps and resources pastor's wives and church planter's wives through her work.
At the age of 45, when her youngest two children were teenagers, Kathy lost her husband in a terrible car accident. I asked her to share her story and also to tell us:
  • How did friends come alongside you in ways that really ministered to you?
  • How did the book of Job illustrate your grief and also the unhelpful responses of others?
  • How can grief or loss affect friendships?
  • How can we respond to our friends with grace when their grief has changed them?
Her answers are heartfelt and deeply wise. Listen or watch below: