May 17, 2017

Lore Ferguson Wilbert on Transition, Loneliness, and Friendship

Summer is fast approaching, which means warmer weather, watermelon, later nights, and perhaps a vacation or fun day trip or two. For some, however, summer will bring a move, which are never easy, especially when they take us away from beloved church communities, familiar routines, and comfortable friendships.

Lore Ferguson Wilbert knows a little something about transition. Lore is a wife, puppy owner, writer, and speaker. In the past two years, she's gotten married and moved cross-country three times. In those moves, she and her husband Nate have suffered miscarriages, job loss, and enduring loneliness. She recently agreed to share with me what she's learned in those years and what advice she'd give others who are anticipating a transition or adjusting to one. Watch below as we discuss:
  • What she learned about making friends in a new community
  • Practical ways to take a new friendship deeper
  • How getting married has changed her friendships
  • How she cultivates friendships with women in all ages and stages of life
  • The difficulty of making couple friends
  • Why God may choose to give us periods of loneliness as a good gift
  • Friendship practices that Lore's purposeful and intentional about 
Find Lore on her blog,, or on Twitter. 

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