October 30, 2017

NEW Friendship Resources: Bible Study Guide, Leader Guide, Discount Code, and More!

It's always a thrill to hear from women who are reading Messy Beautiful Friendship and finding it helpful. One of my favorite responses was from a reader who passed the book along to her mom, who also read it and was prompted to reconcile with a friend after many years of silence between them. Praise the Lord!

In addition to individual responses, I'm always so happy to hear that women are reading and discussing the book together. I truly believe so much good can happen when we talk openly about how we've experienced friendship, what its joys and difficulties inherently are, and when we consider together how we might approach our relationships with one another in a more biblical way. If you think about it, friendship is the one of the key relationships within the Church and in how we reach our communities with the gospel. We need a solid understanding of how God designed us to befriend others and receive their friendship! Here's a picture sent to me by Dana of her Houston book club:
As women have been reading together, many have requested a discussion guide. I'm happy today to answer that request! Not only have I written a discussion guide for leaders, I've also written a Bible study for readers that is meant to prepare them for group discussion. And in celebration of all of this, I'm passing out party favors!

Here are the new resources on friendship and the ways you can interact with them:

Study: A Five-Week Bible Study Guide
Download a free, five-week Bible study that will guide you through passages and questions related to friendship, such as how God designed friendship and what kinds of attitudes and mindsets we need in order to navigate friendship well. The study is best used as a group study and is designed to be completed as you read Messy Beautiful Friendship, but it can certainly be used by an individual as well.

Download your free Reader's Guide here.

Discuss: A Six-Week Group Gathering Guide for Leaders
Perhaps you want to use the Bible study guide in order to discuss friendship with others? Download a free, six-week guide to gather and lead others through the Bible study guide and the reading of Messy Beautiful Friendship.

Download your free Leader's Guide here.

Give: Gift a card and/or personalized copy of Messy Beautiful Friendship this Christmas!
If you've already read Messy Beautiful Friendship and want to gift it to your friends and family for a birthday or Christmas present, I've set up shop online where you can purchase books and detail how you want them personalized. For U.S. addresses only at this time.

In addition, download some free cards inspired by the book to go with your gift, such as the one pictured here. Or if you aren't purchasing, simply download and use the cards for your note-writing and gift-giving. Fun!

Purchase a signed copy of my books here. 
Download free "friend" cards here.

Listen: $5 Audio Version of Messy Beautiful Friendship 
Christianaudio.com is joining in the fun by offering the audio version of Messy Beautiful Friendship for only $5 when you use the code "FRIEND" through November 3! Grab your download and listen while in carpool or driving to work or folding laundry.

Grab your download here.

I pray these new resources serve you and your church well! As you use them, I'd love to hear what you're learning. Share your thoughts and group pictures online using the hashtag #messybeautifulfriendship, or just drop me a line. Love to you!