January 3, 2018

A New Book For the New Year

Dear readers, I've been waiting and waiting to tell you some exciting news: I have a new book on the way! (Perhaps you picked up on this hint or on this one.) On March 6, I'll be releasing, Searching For Spring: How God Makes All Things Beautiful in Time, and I simply cannot wait to get it into your hands.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us that God makes everything beautiful in its time. In other words, the work he is about is the work of redemption, and he is currently turning all that is wrong into all that’s right and good and beautiful.

But when I look around at our broken and marred world—and, even closer in view, at my broken and marred heart—so much of what I see and experience is not right and good and beautiful. Jesus came to redeem, but he left so much temporarily unfixed that it can be difficult not to despair. How do we live with hope? How do we walk forward by faith, waiting for the future redemption of all things? These are the very questions I’ve attempted to answer in Searching For Spring.

Searching for spring is really a search for God’s redemptive work, where suffering and death become fruitful life. Framed by Ecclesiastes 3 and the changing seasons, I invite readers like you to join me on a treasure hunt for beauty in both familiar and unexpected places. 

I certainly need the message of what I've written; it feels as if the eyes of my heart have become blurry and even blind to God's imprint of beauty in this world. God is good to have done work in my heart as I've wrestled to get this message down on paper, to have shown me anew the grand story arc of which we're a part. Even in the last few weeks, as I've encountered the harshness of death, the refrain of the carol Joy to the World rings in my ears: far as the curse is found. As I sing those words over and over to myself, I imagine a fast motion film of winter thawing into spring and new life bursting through the soil. This, in fact, is the ongoing work of Jesus, but we live in what feels like slow motion, so slow and so hidden that we're prone to doubting it's even happening at all.

And so this book is for all those who, like me, are in the midst of weariness or suffering, who find their faith withering, or who are questioning whether God is at work—or even present—as they wait for something in their lives to become beautiful. 

In other words, this book is for you. It's for you to know that God is at work right this very moment and that his primary work is one of making beauty from your ashes and spring from your cold, dark winter. Far as the curse is found.

Are you deep in winter? Join me in searching for spring.

Searching For Spring comes out on March 6, but it's available for preorder in paperback or ebook form from AmazonBarnes & NobleTarget, or Christianbook.com. The audiobook will be available after the book releases.

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