February 28, 2018

By Faith Podcast #4: Sara Hagerty on Discouragement in Parenting

Each week this season on my "By Faith" podcast, I’m talking to someone who is walking forward by faith, many through difficult circumstances. We’re asking the question, “How does God meet us in our deepest, darkest pain and how does He turn that pain into beauty?” (This is the theme of my new book, Searching for Spring, which releases next week!)
Today my guest on the show is Sara Hagerty. Sara is the author of Every Bitter Thing is Sweet and her more recent release, Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World That Loves To Be Noticed. That subtitle says it all and has been such a necessary book for me personally. Sara also has one of those Instagram accounts that when you notice she’s posted, you stop and read every word. She leads her readers daily to adore God according to his different attributes.

I think you’re going to love my conversation with Sara! Sara is married to Nate and together they have 6 kids, 4 of whom were adopted after many years of infertility and then 2 biological gifts came along. I wanted to talk to Sara about taking the long view of parenting, and how years of infertility taught her to turn to God in hard things and wait on Him.

You may not have children, but I hope you’ll listen anyway because Sara shares insights that we all can benefit from as we take the long view in our work or caring for elderly parents or in whatever way we're waiting on God. We chat about feeling unseen and how we can use our unseen life to cultivate a dependence on God.

Listen to the episode on iTunes or, if you're reading this on my blog, in the embedded player below. If you are enjoying the podcast, would you please share it with your friends or leave a review on iTunes? Thank you! It's been a joy to serve you in this way.

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