February 7, 2018

By Faith Podcast, Episode #1: Zack Eswine on Our "Inconsolable Things"

Today marks the release of the first episode of my new podcast, By Faith!

As I thought about who I wanted to talk with about what it means to live by faith, I knew immediately I wanted to start with Zack Eswine. A few years ago, I read his book, Sensing Jesus, and a phrase he used to describe life after becoming a Christian stuck with me so much that it became a foundational theme in my forthcoming book, Searching For Spring: How God Makes All Things Beautiful in Time. 

Zack is a pastor, professor, and writer. Through his work, Zack's goal is to help others locate the kind of hope that possesses the capacity to handle life as it actually is with all its horrors and with all its beauties.
In that vein, we talked together about acknowledging sadness in life, how the wisdom literature in Scripture speaks to our life challenges and teaches us to live small and slow, and how we can come alongside others in their difficulties without being fixers or feeling like we have to have all the answers. Zack is incredibly wise, and I can't wait for you to hear from him.

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