February 21, 2018

By Faith Podcast, Episode #3: Ana Hoeksema on Infidelity

Each week this season on my podcast, By Faith, I'm talking with someone who is walking forward by faith, many through difficult circumstances. We're asking and attempting to answer the question, "How does God meet us in our deepest, darkest pain and how does He turn that pain into beauty?"

For today's episode, I talked with my friend Ana Hoeksema. Ana and I met in college, as did our husbands, who continue to be close friends today. In their first few years of marriage, Ana's husband confessed to infidelity, and we've since watched as God has done a huge work in their lives not only to restore their marriage but also to use them to minister to others whose marriages have been affected by sexual sin.
I want you to hear Ana's story because, whether or not you are married and whether or not your marriage has been affected by adultery, we all at some point experience a shattered dream and wonder if God can really heal what feels completely broken.

Listen to the episode on iTunes or, if you're reading this on my blog, in the embedded player below. If you are enjoying the podcast, would you please share it with your friends? Thank you!

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