May 16, 2018

By Faith Episode #15: Rachel Welcher on Unwanted Divorce and the Promises of God

Each week this season on By Faith I’m talking to someone who is walking forward by faith, many of them through difficult circumstances. We’re asking the question, “How does God meet us in our deepest, darkest pain and how does He turn that pain into beauty?” 

Have you ever had your theology confronted with the reality of a person’s life, story, or experience? I have, multiple times in fact. Sometimes my understanding of God and how he works has been challenged when a friend encounters suffering. Rising from the ashes isn’t a formula. Instead, it's often many stops and starts, waiting on God to transform a life, and also waiting on God to transform their understanding of how his grace reaches into every corner of their lives and teaches them how to live. In other words, life is messy and being a Christian isn’t a formula. We want to be people who not only respond to ourselves and others with the truth of Jesus but also the demeanor of Jesus. In other words, we want to be truth and grace people.
My guest on the show today shares this kind of a story, one that is fraught with pain and uncertainty but still, despite what she went through, the truth of God carried her through. Her name is Rachel Welcher. Rachel is married to Evan, who is a pastor in Iowa. She is a teacher and a poet, and in our conversation today, Rachel shares about her first marriage that ended in divorce. What Rachel shares is applicable to both those who are on the brink of divorce and those who want to minister to women in difficult marriages. I know you’ll find her so full of wisdom, and my prayer is that as we listen to Rachel’s story, we’d grow in empathy for others and also cling tighter to the God who never leaves us.

Listen to my conversation with Rachel on iTunes or, if you're on my website, in the embedded player below:

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