June 20, 2018

Spring and Summer, Podcasts and Books

A happy summer for me involves later rise times, lots of sun, adventures with my boys, and losing myself in stacks of books, all of which I've indulged in so far. I hope whatever makes for a happy summer for you is well underway and, most of all, that the Lord meets you with his truth and grace.

It's nice to have a break after a full school year! With three growing boys, all involved in their own activities and friendships and all with various needs, I'm at the constant-taxiing, emotionally taxing stage of parenting. Add to that a thriving church, the release of Searching for Spring, and a new podcast, and whew! I'm seeking more mental input than output this summer, praying God will renew me and help me sort through some of the questions I'm carrying. I'm asking him about endurance: how do I press on and reengage with the people and places to which he's called me? I'm asking about parenting and marriage: what do these relationships need most during the season we're in? And I'm asking him to teach me humility and servanthood in deeper ways than I've previously known. I know what the Lord teaches me will show up in my writing and podcasting in months to come.

Books are a large component of the input I crave. I'm working through Melissa Kruger's new study on Philippians, In All Things and reading Jen Wilkin's new In His Image after my Bible study each morning. I'm also reading The Evangelicals and Divided by Faith, as well as several books on the kingdom of God, a subject I've become curious about. You can keep up with my ever-changing reading list if you're on Goodreads. What are books you'd recommend I add to my list? (Obviously, I need help in the fiction genre.)
I'd love to be your companion throughout the summer in the form of my podcast. In case you missed any episodes this spring, play them all below directly on my website or find them on your favorite podcast platform, such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or Stitcher.

I'm happy to announce that there is a mini season coming your way next week! For the month of July, I've asked pastor's wives from various contexts to join me and tackle questions related to being a pastor's wife. We'll talk about marriage and ministry, kids and ministry, hurts and hangups, friendship, and everything in between. Subscribe now so you don't miss a single conversation! And let your friends know so they can listen as well.

For those of you who don't like podcasts, have no fear! Writing is still my first love, so I'm not taking the summer off from it. You'll find me each week in your inbox with fresh words, some written and some spoken. And of course, if you haven't read Messy Beautiful Friendship or Searching for Spring yet, the invitation is a standing one. They are better discussed with a friend or a group of friends, so I've put together a Bible study guide and leader guide for MBF and a discussion guide for SFS that you can use this summer as you read together.

I've given you a lot to do today, so let's review:

  • Send me your book recommendations! I can never get enough.
  • ICYMI: now's a great time to catch up on Season 1 of the By Faith podcast. 
  • Subscribe and share about the mini-season for pastor's wives, coming next week!
  • Read, read, read. Discuss.
  • Have a happy summer!