July 11, 2018

Season 2, Ep. #2: Kirstie Dates on the Role of the Pastor's Wife

Each week in this mini summer season of the By Faith podcast, I’m talking to a pastor’s wife about how she navigates her role and ministry while also thriving in her walk with the Lord, her marriage, parenting, and her own unique gifts and passions.

I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to the first episode where I shared the foundational truths that anchor me in my own ministry. I shared that my heart for this series of conversations is to encourage women in various contexts of ministry but also to help those who aren’t in any type of vocational ministry better understand and care for your leaders.

My first guest in this series is Kirstie Dates. She’s the wife of Charlie Dates, who is the pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago. She’s also mom to two adorable kids, and the owner of an online shop called Preacher Monday, a collection of art and stationery that, as her tagline says, is inspired by the pulpit and intended for the people. She provides easy ways for you to encourage those who lead you. You can find her collection at preachermonday.com.
In our conversation, Kirstie and I talked about what it means to be a pastor’s wife. We talked about expectations, mainly that we put on ourselves. We also discussed the joys and challenges of ministry, and Kirstie shares how she’s learned to say no, what she’d say to those women who are just getting started in ministry, and what her mentor told her that’s stuck with her and helped her in her role.

Listen specifically for that advice because every episode in this mini season ends with a question we’re discussing over on my Instagram page (@christinehoover98). The question for this week is this: What’s the most helpful advice you’ve been given in ministry? Or what’s the advice you most give to other women in ministry?

Listen to my conversation with Kirstie on iTunes or, if you're on my website, in the embedded player below.