July 25, 2018

Season 2, Ep #4: Katie Orr on Friendship for the Pastor's Wife

Each week in this mini summer season of By Faith, I’m talking to a pastor’s wife about how she navigates her role and ministry while also thriving in her walk with the Lord, her marriage, parenting, and her own unique gifts and passions.

Today my guest is Katie Orr. Katie is a pastor’s wife, mom, and the author of many Bible studies, including Everyday Hope and Everyday Obedience.

Katie joins me today to talk about friendship for the pastor’s wife. This is definitely a hot topic for pastor’s wives. Anytime I’ve ever been to a conference or a gathering for pastor’s wives, the questions raised are often about loneliness, how to have friends in the church, and whether or not we can realistically have friends in the church. Katie and I talk about all that and more, including how we tend to hinder ourselves in friendship, and what to share with others and how to do so wisely.

Also, I need your questions! I’m planning another Ask Me Anything episode in a few weeks. I’ll be sitting down with my husband Kyle and we’ll be answering all your ministry-related questions. Submit your question here.

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