July 3, 2018

Season 2 of "By Faith" Starts Today With "6 Anchoring Truths for Ministry"

Hello, friends! Today marks the jumping off point for Season 2 of my By Faith podcast, which is a very special mini-season created for women in ministry. I can’t wait to share these conversations with you!
Each week during this mini-season, I’m talking to a pastor’s wife about all things ministry. We’ll talk about the role of pastor’s wife, how marriage and relationships are affected and enhanced by ministry, about raising kids to love Jesus and the church, about hurts and hangups, and much more.

The idea for this mini-season was birthed out of one simple question I asked on my Facebook page a few months ago. I was flooded with so many questions that I decided to tackle all of them, with the help of other people who are in various ministry contexts.

I'll be speaking with pastor's wives (and a few pastors) about the roles they are in, but I hope whether or not you are in any sort of vocational ministry, you'll listen. If you're a Christian, you are in some sort of ministry because it is the call of God for the Christian to love others. So even though I am talking about a specific role in ministry, I hope you'll benefit from these conversations, whether you're building a relationship with your neighbor or you're volunteering in some capacity at your church. If you're not in some sort of vocational ministry, I hope you’ll also listen with an ear for your pastor and pastor’s wife, for the missionary your church sent out, or for the woman on staff at your church. You’ll likely hear things you didn’t know or previously understand that will help you to love and serve them better.

I'm kicking off the season by setting the stage myself. In today's episode, I share some foundational truths that have challenged, convicted, settled, and sustained me in my own ministry. They’ve become truths I repeat back to myself and often share with other women in ministry. 

Because this is basically a talk, I've listed out the six anchoring truths below so you can easily return to these truths when you need to. In addition, I want you to know that this is a bit of a flyover. We'll dig deeper into some of these subjects as the season progresses. 

Six Anchoring Truths for Ministry
  1. I am called.
  2. I am a beloved child of God. That is my only true and lasting identity.
  3. I am to have the mindset of Jesus: a servant.
  4. I must receive the care of the Lord.
  5. I am to have the mindset of Jesus: entrusting myself to the Just Judge.
  6. It's God's will for me to be thankful.
Listen to the episode on iTunes or, if you're on my website, in the embedded player below. Then join me on Instagram to answer the closing question for today's episode. If you find the episode helpful, would you please share it with a friend?


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