August 1, 2018

Season 2, Ep. #5: Irene Sun on Raising Kids While in Ministry

Each week in this mini summer season of By Faith, I’m talking to a pastor’s wife about how she navigates her role and ministry while also thriving in her walk with the Lord, her marriage, parenting, and her own unique gifts and passions.

Today my guest is Irene Sun. Irene is a wife and mom living in the Chicago area, and she joins me today to talk about raising pastor’s kids to love Jesus and his church. You’ll hear us talk about the dual role of being a mom and the pastor’s wife on Sunday mornings (and all the other times we’re parenting while being available to people in the church). Irene is also a pastor’s daughter, so she shares some really good stuff about what she experienced as a kid and how her parents handled difficult situations.

One of the main things that will most certainly stick out to you is Irene’s confidence in the Lord’s sovereignty and how that affects her roles as a mom and a helper to her husband. I know you’ll walk away with great perspective but also practical tools that will help you moving forward.

If you listen all the way to the end, you'll hear next season's theme for the podcast and the closing question we're discussing on Instagram: "What resources have you found helpful in ministry?" Come give us some helpful tools, websites, online groups, books, or whatever your go-to's are!

Listen to my conversation with Irene on iTunes or, if you're on my website, in the embedded player below.

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