September 19, 2018

Amber Williams on Practical Ways to Invite Deeper Friendship

Each week this season on By Faith, I’m talking with a guest about the ins and outs of friendship. As I wrote about in my book Messy Beautiful Friendship, friendship isn’t easy for anyone; it takes time, intentionality, and lots of grace. And sometimes we have to navigate complexities and hurts in friendship that leave us uncertain and crushed. I’m right there with you, and my guests are here to help us think through it all.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these conversations so far. Kelly Needham, I think, did an excellent job of laying a solid biblical foundation for our friendship discussion this season, and then last week, Emily and Laura from Risen Motherhood talked about making friends in the busyness of life.

Today we’re going to continue the conversation on how we can practically cultivate friendships in our lives. What tools do we all have at our disposal to invite friendship and invite a deeper knowing of one another? To help us do that, I’ve invited Amber Williams to join me on the show. Amber is married to Jamaal, who is pastor of Sojourn Midtown in Lousville, Kentucky. I recently met Amber and knew immediately I wanted to have her on the show, and you’ll find out exactly why as you listen.

After you listen to today’s episode, join me on my Instagram Stories, where I’ll be answering any questions that stem from my chat with Amber. 

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