October 24, 2018

Jen Wilkin on the Mistakes We Make in Friendship

Each week this season on By Faith, I’m talking with a guest about the ins and outs of friendship. As I wrote about in my book Messy Beautiful Friendship, friendship isn’t easy for anyone; it takes time, intentionality, and lots of grace. And sometimes we have to navigate complexities and hurts in friendship that leave us uncertain and crushed. I’m right there with you, and my guests are here to help us think through it all.

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Have you ever asked yourself, “As a Christian, Is it ever OK if I walk away from a friendship?” I certainly have asked that question, and it’s one that many women have asked me, because friendship can get really messy sometimes, and I think we all want an out when it gets hard. But is it ever OK?

I put that question and several others to my guest today, author and Bible teacher Jen Wilkin. Jen is a wife and mom of four. If you haven’t done one of her Bible studies yet, I’d highly encourage you to work through one. I’ve done several and each have been helpful in taking me further in my understanding of who God is and how to study the Bible myself.
Jen and I talk about how friendship has been hard for her, about asking for help from friends, and what women do that hinders the very friendship they long for. You need to know that I recorded this conversation with Jen when I was preparing to launch my book, Messy Beautiful Friendship, which was over a year ago. She says her book, In His Image, is not out yet, but I have good news for you! It’s out, and it’s a great book! In addition, she talks about having a year left with her youngest son at home but she is now an official empty nester. Tears emoji.

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