October 10, 2018

Ruth Chou Simons on Navigating Hurt in Friendship

Each week this season on By Faith, I’m talking with a guest about the ins and outs of friendship. As I wrote about in my book Messy Beautiful Friendship, friendship isn’t easy for anyone; it takes time, intentionality, and lots of grace. And sometimes we have to navigate complexities and hurts in friendship that leave us uncertain and crushed. I’m right there with you, and my guests are here to help us think through it all.

We’ve spent the first part of this season together laying a foundation for friendship, touching on everything from how to make friends to how we can take those friendships deeper. At this point in the season, we’re going to take a little turn in order to discuss the messier parts of friendship. Over the course of the next three weeks, we’ll talk about hurts, conflict, mistakes we often make in friendship, and how we can navigate all of these things with a biblical perspective.

Today my guest on By Faith is Ruth Chou Simons. You may know her as the talented artist behind GraceLaced, an online shop featuring prints, canvases, and calendars, but Ruth is also wife to Troy, mom of six boys, and the author of several books that incorporate both her written words and her beautiful art work. I asked Ruth to join me in order to talk about hurts in friendship, and what she shares was so helpful to me. I know it will be to you as well.

One thing I need to mention is that Ruth and I recorded this conversation over a year ago, just as I was preparing to launch my book, Messy Beautiful Friendship, and she was preparing to launch her book, Gracelaced. So although our conversation is a tad bit dated, the good news is that the principles she shares aren’t dated and also that both of these books are out and available for you today. No preordering or waiting necessary!

Listen to my conversation with Ruth on iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts) or, if you're on my website, in the embedded player below.


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