September 30, 2019

I'm Moving!

I started blogging in 2005, which at that time meant posting pictures of my babies for family.

In 2008, I started writing in secret, afraid to post anything non-kid oriented on the internet for all the world to see.

In 2009, I started testing the waters, putting thoughts in blog posts, sharing some lessons I was learning that no one ever read, except for perhaps my parents.

From 2009-2012, I found out that I loved writing, that I felt as if I were worshiping God when I put words together. I learned I only know what God’s really doing in me when I put it to words. Even as no one was reading my blog, I kept writing, learning and honing my craft.

In 2013, I published a book, and it was so scary and wonderful, and I’ve been writing and publishing ever since.

Some of you have been with me as readers for ten years now, and I want to say thank you. At times, I sit back and marvel, knowing I'm so privileged to do what I do, and you've helped make that possible.

I started that blog in 2005 on Blogger and, although I’ve updated the look a few times, I've never had a true website. I’ve basically been living in the writer dark ages. And is anyone even reading blogs anymore?!? (Are you? I’m genuinely interested.) 

Today, my friend, I've finally moved into the modern age and have launched a new website!

I will no longer be writing at In fact, I will not be regularly blogging. I will, however, whether by website or stone tablet, continue writing. Coming in 2020: a new book! Of course, you'll need to head to my new website to find out all about it. 😉I'll also continue hosting my podcast, By Faith, and am currently working on a Bible study on the book of Matthew. I have also started releasing a monthly e-newsletter, which you can subscribe to here, and that's the best way to keep up with me from now on.

Will you come visit me? You can now find me at, which sounds so author-ly and official, does it not?

So to summarize:
I won't be blogging, so I will no longer show up in your blog feeds.
Instead, you can hear from me once a month through my newsletter.
You can also follow along with my podcast.
And of course, I'm on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you for being a faithful reader!