From Good to Grace: Letting Go of the Goodness Gospel

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About the Book
In my role as a pastor's wife, I've discovered in countless conversations with Christian women that they often feel confusion and even pressure about what they should be doing in order to please God. They are asking, "What does God want from me?" and unsure that they'll ever be enough for Him.

I can relate. I spent two decades of life after my salvation asking the same questions and struggling with the same uncertainties. And then something happened: God made it clear to me that I didn't understand His grace, and that because I didn't understand His grace, I didn't understand Him. He took me on a journey through Scripture that transformed my heart, my perspectives, my relationships, and my ministry.

From Good to Grace: Letting Go of the Goodness Gospel is for women like I was, who long to please God but fear they never will. It's for the woman drowning in self-condemnation, the woman afraid to be vulnerable with others because she's so fully aware of her imperfections, and the woman who craves but can't seem to grasp the freedom and joy that Jesus promised His followers.

Instead of asking "What does God want from us?", From Good to Grace asks, "What does God want for us?" The book illustrates how we confuse being good and trying hard--the goodness gospel--with the true gospel, which is really about receiving the grace and love that Jesus offers us and responding with our lives by the Holy Spirit's help. Readers will discover that it's possible to know God's love, live in peace and freedom, and serve others with great joy.

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Endorsements for From Good to Grace
“A song of freedom for the world-weary woman.”—Emily T. Wierenga, award-winning journalist, artist, and author of Atlas Girl

“This book is full of wisdom, and as you read it, your soul will breathe a deep sigh of relief.”—Kelly Matte, wife of Gregg Matte, pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church and founder of Breakaway Ministries at Texas A&M University

“Christine has written the book that I believe women in our generation are really dying to read.”—Jess Connolly, entrepreneur and author, co-founder of Influence Network

What People are Saying
"The truth that Christine speaks of, in no exaggerating terms, has changed my heart and my life." - Mackenzie at Pint-Sized Mama 

"For anyone looking for a book that will draw them back to the pure and simple gospel, that will lead them by the hand to the simplicity in Christ, that will refresh them and bring the big picture back into focus, I highly recommend From Good to Grace." - Kari Patterson at Sacred Mundane

"From Good to Grace beautifully adorns God's gospel grace, and it will encourage you and strengthen you in his lavish love." - The Gospel Coalition

"You'll be blessed by Christine's gracious, clear, gospel solid writing." Sarah Beals at Joyfilled Days

"As I finished reading From Good to Grace, I found myself thanking God for bringing this book into existence. I truly feel that Christine has painstakingly provided a pivotal bridge between the theological realities of the gospel and the practical applications of the gospel." Jessalyn Hutto

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